Multi Stage Paint Correction / Scratch Removal

Multi-stage paint correction is needed when paint becomes oxidised and scratched from elements, shrubbery rubbing along the sides of the car and bad washing practices etc which can all be removed with a multi-stage paint correction. 

We use a high-quality polishing machine with a course compound removing most of the defect then gradually work through lighter compounds until we are left with a beautifully shiny paintwork. 

If the scratch is too deep we may have to wet sand the area first with 3000 cuttings paper then again work through the compounds untill we are left with a perfect finish. If you can see metal or run your nail through a scratch you will have to visit a bodyshop. 

This can take between 10-20 hours depending on the size of your vehicle. A full examination will be required. 

You may opt for a ceramic coat when this has been carried out. 

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