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Ceramic Coating

Covering Lancashire & Cumbria

We’re Autobead accredited ceramic detailers and we specialise in protecting your vehicle.

Extreme Valeting

Ceramic Coating in Lancashire & South-Cumbria

We are Autobead accredited ceramic detailers and offer a range of coatings that suit your budget or how long you’re keeping the car. They are the latest in paint protection and can offer 1,2,3, and 5-year ceramics offering protection from weathering, uv damage, organic and industrial fallout, acid and alkaline chemicals.

Most ceramic coatings offer no more than 5 micrometres of thickness, but our 3-year coating offers up to 10 micrometres of thickness.

Our 5-year coating offers up to 20 micrometres of thickness which is unrivalled.

Each ceramic coating will include a paint enhancement but some may have to be upgraded to a paint correction based on age and condition.

Ceramics & Sealants

We have a variety of sealants, waxes & ceramics that can be added to each of our packages as desired.

Whatever your requirements we can tailor specific packages to yours & your vehicles needs.

We're Autobead Silex Pro Accredited

In our opinion, Autobead provides the best valeting products on the market. With over a decade of experience and having used many different brands throughout the year, Autobead is the best we’ve ever used! 

We only use Autobead products and are Autobead Silex Pro accredited, meaning we’re one of the very few specialist valeter in the United Kingdom with access to their Silex Pro Ceramic Coating Range. 

Ceramic Shampoo

Titanium Ceramic Wax

3 Year Paint Coating

Glass Protector