Ceramic Coating

Waxes, polishes and sealant have moved on in recent years and have progressed on to ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating comes in a liquid once applied it forms thin pieces of glass that bonds to paintwork and other surfaces. This is incredibly hard wearing to protect your car from light surface scratchings and it also has good water shedding properties and protects your car paint from fading over time.

Ceramic coats can be used on both old and new vehicles but a used vehicle will have to undergo full paint correction (highlight and send to paint correction) before the application can begin.

  •  Full body GTechniq C1 ceramic coating
  • GTechniq Window Coating
  • GTechniq wheel armour
  • GTechniq trim restorer (if the car has exterior plastic)


EXO is GTechniq’s ultimate hydrophobic coating which simply beats any other product on the market, a lotus leaf effect which repels dirt and water. EXO ensures your vehicle stays cleaner and glossier for much longer!

GTechniq C1 ceramic small car £240, medium £280, 4×4 £300

GTechniq C1 with EXO finish small car £280, medium £320, 4×4 £350


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