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Paint Correction & Paint Enhancement

Covering Lancashire & Cumbria

Paint correction & scratch removal is the process of polishing the paint on a vehicle to remove scratches & swirls.

Extreme Valeting


Multi-stage paint correction is needed when paint becomes oxidised and scratched from elements, shrubbery rubbing along the sides of the car and bad washing practices etc which can all be removed with a multi-stage paint correction. 

We use a high-quality polishing machine with a course compound removing most of the defect then gradually working through lighter compounds until we are left with beautifully shiny paintwork. 

This process aims to remove 85/95% of defects in the paintwork which occurs from incorrect washing, bird strikes bushes etc… The aim of this is to eradicate all of the swirling, holograms, bird strike marks and light scratches it also restores the paint leaving that showroom glossy finish.

This service is valued in reference to size and condition of the vehicle. 

If you want to arrange a free quote please call us on 07707 790 500 or email


This process enables us to remove 50/60% of defects within the paint. This is a lighter machine polishing technique using a medium compound and medium polishing pad that produces a glass like finish.

This service is valued in reference to size and condition of the vehicle.


This is a process where we use special sandpaper that is wet with water so acts like a lubricant to remove defects that conventional won’t remove i.e deeper scratches, bird strike marks and then polished to a perfect finish. This process can be done on individual areas or if your looking for that perfect paint finish we can do the whole car.

Bare in mind if you can if you can get your nail in the scratch it will need a body shop.