Paint Correction & Paint Enhancement

Paint Correction, Paint Enhancement & Scratch Removal is the process of polishing the paintwork to remove scratches, swirls & stains.

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Multi-Stage Paint Correction & Scratch Removal

Multi-stage paint correction is needed when paint becomes oxidised and scratched from elements, shrubbery rubbing along the sides of the car and bad washing practices etc which can all be removed with a multi-stage paint correction. 

We use a high-quality polishing machine with a course compound, removing most of the defect and then gradually working through lighter compounds until we are left with beautifully shiny paintwork. 

This process aims to remove 85/95% of defects in the paintwork which occur from incorrect washing, bird strikes bushes etc… The aim of this is to eradicate all of the swirling, holograms, bird strike marks and light scratches it also restores the paint leaving that showroom glossy finish.

This service is valued in reference to the size and condition of the vehicle. 

Car Paint Enhancement

This process enables us to remove 50/60% of defects within the paint. This is a lighter machine polishing technique using a medium compound and medium polishing pad that produces a glass like finish.

This service is valued in reference to size and condition of the vehicle.

If you’re interested in paint enhancement for your car, motorhome or commercial vehicle you may also be interested in a ceramic coating. With our ceramic coatings we offer 1-3 & 5 year coatings, which also include a general paint enhancement before application. 


Some Of Our Other Services


Ceramic Coating

Installing a PPF wrap to your vehicle can protect it from chips, stains or swirls. 

Window Tinting

Both stylistic & protective, we can tint singular windows or full vehicles.

Paint Correction

We offer multi-stage paint correction. Perfect for bringing your paint back to life.

Car Valeting

Whether you’re looking for a basic valet or a full showroom valet, contact us.

The Benefits Of Professional Detailing

Protect Paintwork

Installing a PPF wrap to your vehicle can protect it from chips, stains or swirls. Making it much easier to maintain your paintwork.

Revive Colours

Our professional detailing packages can revive damaged, marked or swirling paintwork on all types of vehicles.

Maintain Aesthetic

On higher value vehicles its important to maintain the quality of the paintwork, keeping your vehicle in top condition all year round.

Increase Value

Your vehicle will hold far more value if the paintwork has been professionally maintained and protected from chips, swirls or stains