New Car Detail in Lancashire & Cumbria

Believe it or not, most new cars come with paint defects. We can make your car look better than new with a tailored detailing package.

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Car Scratch Removals

You’d be surprised how many new cars leave the showroom with damaged paintwork. Whether they have small marks, swirls or scratches, dealerships don’t have the skills or facilities to ensure perfect paintwork, but we do. 

These issues can be due to storage conditions, transportation and poor preparation pre-delivery, therefore why not get the paintwork wheels and windows fully prepared and a ceramic coating applied. 

Our new car detail will leave your car looking better than new! With this package, we also apply a 5-Year ceramic coating to the vehicle to offer unrivaled protection.

Ceramic coatings are extremely durable and offer your car protection from light scratches and marring from the start. I don’t believe car dealers are offering the same levels of protection.

Exterior Detail