New Car Detail

Sadly cars are rarely delivered with perfect paintwork, even when brand new. This can be due to storage conditions, transportation and poor preparation pre delivery, therefore why not get the paintwork wheels and windows fully prepared and a ceramic coating applied. 

Ceramic coatings are extremely durable and offer your car protection from light scratches and marring from the start. I don’t believe car dealers are offering the same levels of protection.

  • Paintwork and wheels cleaned PH Neutral
  • Tar spots removed
  • Clay bar to remove contaminents
  • Paint checked under high lighting
  • 1 stage paintwork correction to remove any scratches or light swirl marks that may have been incurred
  • IPA wipedown ensure all oils are removed
  • GTechniq ceramic coat applied to paintwork lasting 5 years
  • GTechniq wheel armour applied to wheels
  • GTechniq window coating applied to windows
  • Full body GTechniq EXO (link to ceramic page) coat applied

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Sharon Bianchi