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Fabric Hood Cleaning

Covering Lancashire & Cumbria

At Extreme Valeting we specialise in Autobead Ceramic Coatings, Detailed Car Valets & Multi-stage paint correction & scratch removals.

Extreme Valeting

Fabric Hood & Convertible Roof Cleaning

The appearance of your car can fail if the fabric hood is not protected correctly.

Fabric hoods are prone to moss & algae build-up and can start to absorb water if they are not properly protected. 

We provide two different fabric hood protection services which are specifically designed to protect & maintain fabric roofs or fully restore a faded & damaged fabric roof. 

I use Renovo Hood Products to carry out all of these processes.

Clean & Reseal

First, we clean it by taking all the green algae build-up out of the fabric then add 2 generous coats of sealant. I recommend this every 12 months to keep the integrity of the fabric hood.

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Fabric Hood Restoration

This is needed when the fabric hood has become faded over time. We start by cleaning it, taking the build-up of algae away and leave it to dry. Then we re-dye the whole roof again leaving it to dry. Then 2 generous coats of sealant. This process takes around 3 days to complete because of the drying/curing process.

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